Construct the comprehensive ecosystem for the beauty industry in Taiwan, connect the diversified energies from the industry, the government, the academia, the research center and the medical fields to make the Beauty Industry become a vital highlight industry in Taiwan, thereby enhancing its visibility on the global market.

  • Taiwan Beauty Valley
    1. Expand the international network, to cooperate with foreign companies.
    2. Using our strengths make Taiwan Cosmetics shine on the international community.
  • Integrated evaluation &
    Verification Platform
    1. According to the needs of the industry, we giving the support of evaluation & testing, such as sunscreen testing, funtional testing, toxicological testing, etc.
  • Material Development &
    Pilot Production
    1. ITRI provide Taiwanese distinctive materials information and different resources which can help cosmetic industries to develop new products.
    2. ITRI Offer 'Pilot Production' Laboratory to industries.